DDoS attack ?

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DDoS attack ?

Message par FredLeFurieux le 20.12.14 2:08

vu ce soir sur Reddit, message d'un certain Domingo Montoia qui suppose que, suite a l'implementation de la nouvelle economie centrale, de nombreuses demandes on pu etre envoyées en peu de temps par les serveurs à la hive centrale, créant une saturation très similaire à une attaque DDoS. ça peut se tenir...

en V.O:
"One of the things mentioned in the changelog had me [as a network engineer] thinking. They said central economy was implemented. That being the case, it's possible that the game servers are a lot more dependent on the central hive servers to spawn items. This could result in a lot more network traffic.

Now imagine all the servers coming up after a reboot and sending and receiving a lot more traffic than previous versions of the game required.

A DDoS usually consists of a lot of service requests coming from a lot of hosts on the Internet simultaneously, overwhelming the servers. It wouldn't be the first time anyone has mistaken something like this as being DDoS, when it's actually just an overwhelming and possibly unexpected amount of traffic from legitimate connection requests.

A easy to implement trick I used to manage the onslaught of services which are heavy to start was to block access to that service or server from the Internet and incrementally open chunks of address space to access those services.

That way you only end up with 100 heavy queries/writes at a time, instead of 10,000 all at once, which never get answered because the server is overwhelmed, leaving all 10,000 to continually retry connection and never finish.

It was easy to script, as the border routers I used were all Linux powered.

I'm going way out on an assumption here. I have no real idea what's going on with the DayZ servers."

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