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Message par kortikal le 28.10.14 16:49

The 0.50 patch was originally designed to be a hotfix for server crashing, map design, and some extra items that have been finished. However, the hotfix was applied to the 0.49 stable branch and the 0.50 patch has become much more consequent. Developers want to upgrade the persistence feature from a “administrator choice” system to a complete feature for all stable servers. This new update should also introduce the new private shard option for server administrators.

La 0.50 Demain ! Dayz-0-50-patch-changelog-update-exp-horticulture-barricading

Dayz 0.50: New Weapons

The 0.50 patch introduce the new R92 Lever Action Carabine (Winchester-style) using .357 magnum ammunition. It doesn’t using magazine and can contain up to 11 ammos. Another addition is the awesome Baikal MP-133 Shotgun. Using buckshots and slugs, same as the double barrel, but with a capacity of 6 shots. Both of them use neat animations and will provide some new firefight possibilites.

Dayz 0.50: Seasons & Weathers Effects

La 0.50 Demain ! Dayz-0-50-seasons-weather-effects-impact

dayz-0-50-seasons-weather-effects-impact In addition of the weather impact (Hypothermia and Hyperthermia), the server configuration now recognizes time of year (admin can either set it or use real time). It simulates weather conditions with wind & temperature according cut of the map from the world. Last experimental was set to december to see how harsh it can actualy get.
There are no visual changes for seasons yet, but tech for simulation seems to work. This release will be set to september. Its gonna a bit more forgiving. The main objective is that a person stay alive for 40 minutes naked without food in september conditions before falling hypothermic. Also note that player’s location (inside/outside), weather, clothes, running etc… affects on the body temperature.

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